Exploring Society talk to Lathallan pupils

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Matthew Burke from the British Exploring Society (formerly the British Schools Exploring Society) visited Lathallan School, recently to talk to the S5 and S6 classes about fantastic exploring opportunities.

Matt is a final year physics student at Aberdeen University who spends his summer holidays going on expeditions with BES. This year he is a leader on an expedition. He has been on expeditions to the Arctic and Namibia and is planning to lead another expedition in Summer 2013. BES run 3-5 week expeditions to young people between 16 and 25 during the summer holidays. He talked about his experiences and together the class discussed some of the benefits of going on an expedition such as building team work, supporting local cultures, expanding horizons, experiencing other ways of doing things and improving resourcefulness.

Matt is fundraising for two separate expeditions this year in both of which he is in voluntary leadership positions. The first is a week long trek across the High-Atlas range in Morocco with the Aberdeen Students Charities Campaign, this campaign raises money all year round for any charity to apply to. The expedition should raise an additional £10,000 for the campaign, to then be split between many charities. Matt’s second expedition is a five week trip as a Voluntary Science-Leader with the British Exploring Society to the Himalayas.