Concerned Mearns mother hits out at state of playpark

Our reporter took this photo of the playpark

Our reporter took this photo of the playpark

A Mearns mother has spoken out about the state of a playpark in Laurencekirk where she takes her three -year-old child.

The Mearns Leader and Kincardineshire Observer were contacted this week by the concerned parent about the state of the playpark, just off the town’s high street and next to a convenience store.

She wrote: “I have been moved to email you regarding the state of the playpark next to Scotmid in Laurencekirk.

“Occasionally I take my three-year-old daughter in there after we have been at the shop, just for a wee play.

‘‘The time before last I was there I noticed that the bin hadn’t been emptied for some time and it was overflowing with litter and bottles strewn all over the place. Most of the debris surrounding the bin is also broken glass.

‘‘I hope you agree that this poses a real safety hazard.”

Our reporter went down to the playpark in question and took photographs of the park which was overflowing with rubbish.

There were also empty alcohol bottles to be seen.

The park is not council owned, and is maintained monthly by a contractor who told the Mearns mother: “following our communication, we are now in discussions with our contractors to explore the possibility of increasing the litter picks to fortnightly in the winter.

“This may come at an additional cost to our customers but we are conscious that this particular bin causes problems and we are trying to be proactive.”




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