New mural for Open Air Pool

The new mural at the bandstand.
The new mural at the bandstand.
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Each year, the Friends’ volunteers work long, hard hours to maintain, clean and paint the Pool so it is spic and span for the start of the new season. This year’s ‘battlelist’ included touching up the previous mural, which Pete volunteered to do. However, when he looked at it closely, he realised it needed much more than a touch-up job, and asked if he might paint a new mural instead. Only a few days before the official opening Pete, who describes himself as a ‘happily retired geophysicist’ and who was told at school he was hopeless at art, set about planning a mural of Stonehaven Bay. The result is a colourful seascape which shows the bay’s geological features to full advantage, as well as wildlife including dolphins, seals, gulls and a heron.

Vice Chair of the Friends, David Culshaw, said: “we are all amazed by the mural which Pete planned and painted. The mural is now being enjoyed by all the visitors to the Pool.”