Padlocks on Cowie bridge spark online debate

Several padlocks have been fixed to the footbridge over the Cowie River.

Several padlocks have been fixed to the footbridge over the Cowie River.

A bridge in Stonehaven could begin to resemble the world famous Pont Des Arts bridge in Paris, which is known for couples attaching padlocks to it as a romantic gesture.

Several padlocks have appeared on the footbridge over the river Cowie recently, and the fad has split residents’ opinions, with some calling for them to be removed, and others dismissing them as just a bit of harmless fun.

On Facebook, Steve Souter said: “They are an eyesore and should be removed, I believe a bridge in Paris or somewhere collapsed caused by overloading. Some way to go before then of course.”

Laura Archibald said: “People travel from all over the world to put a padlock on Pont Des Arts, so if they want to travel to Stoney to do the same, then that’s a good thing. Maybe we should start worrying about the strength of the bridge when they are a couple hundred/thousand padlocks on it but till then, live and let live! Each padlock tells a story and maybe I’m a not-so-old romantic but I for one, think it’s lovely that they have chosen Stonehaven to do so. Maybe Scotland’s answer to the City of love!”

Natalie Ritchie added: “I think it’s romantic, lovely idea. Especially for visitors to Stonehaven. Not sure it’s the best bridge but wonderful idea.”




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