Quality Swap Shop for glamorous castoffs

Stonehaven Town Hall
Stonehaven Town Hall
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A quality swap shop is set to take place in Stonehaven Town Hall for those looking to sell the dresses they will never wear again.

Due to take place on May 17, the event is for those around Kincardine and Mearns who have glamorous clothes in their wardrobes that they never plan on wearing again.

The quality swap shop and fashion show will take place on May 17

The quality swap shop and fashion show will take place on May 17

There will also be a fashion show at the event showing off a selection of the clothes up for grabs.

The event organised by Ma Simpson has a Facebook event page which says: “Have you got clothes in your wardrobe too good to throw away but you never wear? Want a new wardrobe but pennies a bit tight? Lost weight and want to get rid of those reminders of being a larger size? Or like me decided to be comfortable and more Rubinesk?

“Here’s how it works, look out your clothes (only decent quality ones please) label them with your name address and how much you would like. Bring them down to the Town Hall in the morning.

“We will give you a personal number to add to your clothes if anyone buys them you get the money minus 10% commission which will be used to pay for the hall.

“We will select a few and use them in a fashion show but they will still be available for sale.”