Change of bus for Mearns school route

Councillor Leigh Wilson
Councillor Leigh Wilson

A Mearns councillor has spoken of his delight at the news that from this month the Auchenblae to Mearns Academy bus route will be operated by a 70-seat single deck instead of the previous double decker.

Concerns had been raised by councillor Leigh Wilson and Mearns Academy Parent Council regarding the suitability of a double decker on the route following the previous toppling of a bus at the Garvock in 2010 in which 17 pupils were injured.

Wishart’s of Friockheim has been awarded the new tender to provide the Mearns school transport. And the company has confirmed that from April 16 a single deck vehicle will be provided.

Cllr Wilson told the Leader: “The winding nature of the road with sharp corners and soft verges make this kind of vehicle entirely unsuitable if we are to ensure our children are taken to school safely.

“I am therefore delighted that Wishart’s have confirmed this practice will no longer continue once they take over the tender.

“It is a victory for pupils’ safety.

Sharing his delight at the news was secretary of the Mearns Academy Parent Council, Ruth McGill.

She said “For the safety and security of our pupils I am delighted this route is now being serviced by a single deck.

“I am hoping this will cause less disruption for both the Auchenblae pupils and the rest of the school.”