Health week at Dunnottar

Pupils enjoyed a smoothie after a shot on the GoGreen smoothie bike.
Pupils enjoyed a smoothie after a shot on the GoGreen smoothie bike.

Dunnottar Primary School pupils received a visit from nutritionists from Robert Gordon’s University as part of a health week at the school.

Harriet Young and Myra Mackenzie from the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, held a series of workshops at Dunnottar on Thursday June 15.

Over the course of the day, they engaged with over 170 pupils, looking at different food groups, the amount of sugar in certain drinks and the importance of fruit, vegetables and exercise in a healthy diet.

Harriet Young said: “It was great to see how enthusiastic the pupils were and that across the different classes, they all took a real interest in the experience.”

Lisa Williams, Head Teacher at Dunnottar, said: “I’m so thankful to Harriet and Myra for coming in and talking to the children about healthy lifestyle choices. The children really enjoyed having people from outside the school coming in and sharing their knowledge with them. As a school we always strive to help children make good choices when it comes to food and encourage all our young people to lead healthy, active lives.”

Ruaridh Clark, a P6 pupil at the school, said: “It was ace fun cycling the GoGreen smoothie blender and it was even better getting to drink the smoothies at the end. It was really interesting to find out all about what kind of food we should eat and what is good for you because sometimes I don’t listen to my mum when she tells me I shouldn’t eat so many sweets.”