Illegal parking ‘putting children at risk’

Dunnottar Primary School
Dunnottar Primary School

Worried parents from Dunnottar Primary have said that drivers parking illegally outside the school are putting their children at risk.

Three parents contacted the Mearns Leader this week to express their concerns about illegal parking, often by other parents dropping off or picking up children from school.

One mother, who did not wish to be named, commented: “My daughter attends Dunnottar Primary and she walks to school and back with my husband or I every day.

“We don’t have a long walk but some of her friends walk quite long distances, regardless of the weather, because it is better for their wellbeing over and above the issue of parking.

“The responsibility of parking sits with Aberdeenshire Council and they no longer have attendants in Stonehaven, which was previously a regular occurrence.

“However, Dunnottar Primary is located immediately beside Stonehaven Police Station and the fact that parents park illegally every day shows what a blatant disregard for authority they have.

“My husband and I both work full-time and we have the same time pressures as every working family but we don’t use that as an excuse to break the law or to set a poor example for our daughter.

“Unfortunately, parents will only stop parking illegally outside Dunnottar Primary School if there is a parking attendant there each day, as it quite clear that their own laziness supersedes their responsibilities as citizens.

“This is not only an issue for Dunnottar Primary but for the whole harbour area.”

Another anxious parent added: “The children are also having to cross the road dangerously around Victoria Street.

“It is the same offenders day after day and one day a child is going to get hurt.”

A third parent said: “I am another concerned parent from Dunnottar Primary who is sick of people parking on double yellows on a daily basis putting our kids at risk and also causing congestion, and it also causes an obstruction to residents coming in and out of New Street.

“More needs to be done about this to keep our kids safe. It doesn’t take much to park further away and walk.”

Headteacher Lisa Williams said: “I appreciate the concerns of parents regarding some of the parking that we have witnessed around the school and I urge everyone to really think about the safety of children when they are parking or even just stopping briefly.

“I have highlighted the issue in our newsletter that goes out to all parents and the children will be working on flyers that we can pop on the windscreens of offending vehicles.

“I have also been in contact with the police who are keen to get involved.”