School Run travels 4000 miles to reach the Gambia

The group in Gambia, see for more details
The group in Gambia, see for more details

Kincardine and Mearns have given a helping hand to the School Run charity initiative with a donation of books and supplies to Gambia

Charlie Denny from Braemar and Charlie Shaw from Aberdeen, with other team members Mike Woodier and Vikki Lang, set off on a 4000-mile journey to the west African State of the Gambia in two Land Rover ambulances loaded with educational supplies.

On arrival, they presented the materials to a local school and the ambulances to the medical centre.

Mackie Academy in Stonehaven had already donated a quantity of school textbooks and, more recently, it was the turn of Tesco at Newtonhill to come forward with a valuable donation of stationery.

Manageress Lorraine Todd said: “When we first heard about the School Run I realised we could help by donating pens, notebooks, drawing equipment and so on which would all help make the trip more worthwhile.

‘‘We are delighted to be involved with such a good cause and are glad the teams had a successful journey.”

Charlie said: “It’s fantastic how generous our supporters have been. Taking the two ambulances overland to the Gambia really seems to have caught people’s imagination and this latest gift from Tesco at Newtonhill just shows how the trip has touched a lot of hearts. Many thanks to Lorraine and her team.”

There is still time to make a donation to The School Run.