Exhibition at Mill of Benholm

The interface between technology old and new is one of the themes explored in a new exhibition at the Mill of Benholm, near Johnshaven, this weekend (Thursday 24- Monday 28 May).

Wednesday, 23rd May 2012, 12:01 pm

The venue, appropriately enough, is one of the few oatmeal mills left from the pre-industrial revolution era. One of the artists featured, Aberdeenshire resident Gregor Phillips, is fascinated by the intertwining of these old Scottish traditions - as exemplified in the mill - with the digital revolution now dominant in society. In a series of abstract works he sets the precision of the PC and the poetry of nature in juxtaposition. With a background in teaching, he is now concentrating on his art and has been recognised with awards as well as inclusion in the RSA exhibitions.

Working in a different style is Ian Logan, a kiwi expatriate, with deep roots in Scotland. Growing up by the sea in New Zealand, he has found an artistic affinity with the dramatic coastline south of Aberdeen and this is the main inspiration for his paintings. Although he works in a wide range of mediums, including egg tempera, for this exhibition he has chosen watercolours completed on the spot. Having exhibited whilst in London at the Royal Watercolour Society and Dulwich Picture Gallery, he moved to Aberdeen in 2006 to escape the “noose” of the orbital motorway, the M25, and has exhibited extensively since then.

One of these exhibitions was the NEOS event hosted at the Mill of Benholm in 2011. At that time Ian was working at Carronhill School in Stonehaven. The senior students from the school visited the mill and photographed the exhibition and the mill environs. Appropriately enough, some of these photos are also on show as well of those of their tutor Iris Bruce. Although often of ancient subject matter, the students have used the latest photoshop technology to enhance their work. For some of the photos they have also utilised this technology to add an amusing and quirky character.

This exhibition is being held at the same time as the Angus Open Studios, so the mill café could well be the ideal stopping-off point on the way there or back. Visitors can also enjoy art with their coffee with subtle pastels and encaustics of Pam Pringle as well as striking photography by Janine Illian.

The exhibition is on from Thursday May 24 till Monday May 28 at The Mill of Benholm. The hours are 10am to 2.30 pm (closed Sunday).

For further information about the exhibition email: [email protected]