Find out whodunnit with the Ury players

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THE Ury Players are hard ar work rehearsing for their summer production – ‘Murdered To Death’ by Peter Gordon – an Agatha Christie spoof set in the 1930s

You are cordially invited to be guests at the Grand Hall of Bagshot House (Stonehaven Town Hall actually) to find out ‘whodunnit.’

The cellar at Bagshot Hall is sorely depleted of liquid refreshments, so you are invited to bring your own if you so wish.

But, if you are not a guest in the Grand Hall, and are seated in the servants quarters (i.e. the balcony) then you must refrain from partaking of any alcoholic beverages

You are invited to attend on Thursday or Friday, June 20 or 21, at 7.30pm. Invitations (tickets) priced at £10 may be purchased at the Rosebowl, Barclay Street from the middle of May.

The lady of the house, Mrs Mildred Bagshot, her staff and house guests look forward to your company with eager anticipation and much conviviality