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THE suggestion that Laurencekirk Railway Station might be opened again for passenger traffic has been a talking point with many people this week.

There is general approval for the idea, mingled with a little caution. Some folk feel that the railway authorities did the wrong thing when it was closed and that to bring it back to life again will be a difficult task.

When the station was closed an inquiry was held. Some of those who were present may recall that the income, which included a lot from the dispatch of daffodils, appeared to be sufficient for the day-to-day running of the station, but an unusual form of accounting was the stumbling block which could not be overcome.

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WHEN older folk go out for a dander a seat for a wee while when enjoying the fresh air is often welcomed. Not every place is always well endowed with public seats, but in some centres steps have been taken to remedy the lack of them.

At Gourdon this month over £100 was raised at a dance, and it will go towards providing seats at the harbour. In that village the younger folk like to walk back and forward, but the pace is often too much for veterans who enjoy a gossip. The seats will remedy that.

In some places a seat is placed in a favourite haunt as a memorial to a relative, friend or citizen who has died. Such gifts are a practical reminder of a worthy citizen or loved one and a welcome amenity in any community.



GRAMPIAN Regional Council are proposing to buy a 13-acre site at Laurencekirk for industrial use.

They have reached agreement with the Church of Scotland General Trustees regarding the acquisition of 13 acres at The Glebe. The deal is conditional on the Regional Council obtaining planning permission for the change of use of the ground from agricultural to industrial use.

An application for planning consent will be submitted for consideration by Kincardine and Deeside District Council.

The Region intend to build small advance factory units at The Glebe site as an attraction to industry and as a means of boosting job opportunities in the town.



ALTERATIONS totalling nearly £30,000 are to be carried out at Haddo Farmhouse, Laurencekirk, by Miss H. Turner, (whose undertaking will amount to around £15,690) and Mr Johnston (£13,860) - both applicants having successfully applied to the District housing a building control committee for warrants in respect of their respective proposals.