It happened in the Mearns

This photo from 1991 shows Stonehaven & Dsitrcit Angling Association's end of season gathering.
This photo from 1991 shows Stonehaven & Dsitrcit Angling Association's end of season gathering.

We take a look back at what was making the headlines in the Mearns Leader in 1991, 1966 and 1916:


Friday December 20th, 1991

A campaign by Arduthie Primary School parents to have playground facilities at the Stonehaven school upgraded has been seriously set back, after Grampian Regional Council said this week that the new arrangement was an improvement on the old - and claimed that the proposals had been agreed with the school three years ago.

Parents are incensed that Grampian Region have taken “the safest and most attractive play area” to make way for an extension to their nearby Carlton House office complex.

Despite Region’s assurances that the area lost has been replaced - “actually increasing the playground space available” - parents are angry because all 500 pupils are now forced to use one area of tarmac, with rougher football games of older pupils side-by-side with gentler infant pursuits.

But the Region has countered their arguments by saying “the playground situation at Arduthie was fully discussed with all affected parties when the Carlton House development was being planned in 1988.”

And senior depute director of education, Douglas Pond, went on to say, “Several options were considered and the solution arrived at then - which is the one we have now implemented - was agreed following detailed discussion with the then-headmaster of the school.”

Arduthie School Board maintain that the agreed plan simply hasn’t worked in practice.


Friday December 16th, 1966

Stonehaven Town Council decided on Tuesday to postpone action on the architects’ report on a modified scheme of improvements at the town hall until the country’s economic position improves.

The original scheme, costing £52,000, was abandoned by the council after the May election. Dean of Guild James Shankley said the Scottish Development Department had specially mentioned projects such as civic buildings when they asked local authorities to co-operate delaying capital expenditure because of the economic situation.

“In view of this, I do not see that we can go ahead” he went on. “Let us keep it on the file until the restrictions are lifted. It would be a waste of time to discuss anything in detail at present.”

Councillor Mrs F. V. McDonald said the committee had done their job. They had been given a remit to go into the matter of an alternative modified scheme, but the time was not opportune to consider a plan on such a scale.

Councillor J. Carnegie agreed, and Councillor C. W. George said the architects’ report on the modified scheme would have to be paid for, but it could be kept in hand until circumstances were more


Councillor Mrs A. Blacklaws was also of the opinion that the scheme should not be gone on with.


Thursday December 21, 1916

The frost of the past week has made traffic of all kinds on the roads very difficult.

Both in town and country the roads have been covered with ice from side to for practically the whole week, with the result that pedestrainism has become more and more of an art.

Those who went abroad with cycle or motor had to put up with numerous mishaps, and not a few cars and lorry horses came to grief.

To add to the dangers of the streets, as soon as darkness falls everything is shrouded in an inky darkness. Accidents in the streets have again become more numerous.

At one small public meeting held this week no fewer than two of those present (of less than a dozen altogether) had received damage from running into lamp posts in the all pervading gloom.


Keen interest is being shown in the programme for New Year’s Day, when, under the auspices of the Town Council a cake and candy sale is to be held on behalf of the Glasgow Belgian Refugee Fund.

There will be numerous stalls and sideshows, and besides this there is to be a grand Christmas Tree, which should prove an all powerful attraction for the children. Two Whist Drives will be held in connection with the sale in the afternoon and the evening.