It Happened in the Mearns

1992: 1st Muchalls/Newtonhill Scouts run the hotdog stall at the Skateraw Fair in Newtonhill.
1992: 1st Muchalls/Newtonhill Scouts run the hotdog stall at the Skateraw Fair in Newtonhill.

We take a look back at what was making the headlines locally on this week in 1992, 1967 and 1917.


Friday, September 4th 1992

Work on the subsiding A92 above the Bervie Braes at Stonehaven - which has been blocked off on the Southbo7und carriageway for more than four months near a blind bend - is set for further delay.

It is now five months since the latest symptom of this recurring problem was aired at a meeting of Kincardine/Deeside District Accident Prevention Committee, and when members reconvened on Tuesday they heard that the hold up could continue.

Kincardine/Deeside roads engineer Neil Robertson explained that the Region’s roads department is waiting to discover whether or not they have to make a report on the matter to the transportation and roads committee.

Although minor works could proceed without committee permission, he said, the work required here would cost an estimated £10,000, and committee permission may have to be sought.

Meanwhile, the road continues to be fenced off for several metres on the Southbound carriageway at the site of surface cracks and subsidence.


A controversial plan to build 63 houses on a site to the south of Newtonhill, was thrown out by Kincardine/Deeside District Council’s planning committee on Thursday - nine months after the application was first turned down. Members rejected the proposal - which also featured 63 domestic garages - following protests from local residents.


Friday September 8th 1967

Kincardineshire Roads Committee on Tuesday gave a sympathetic hearing to complaints by Stonehaven Town Council about the recent accidents in Dunnottar Avenue and appointed a sub-committee to meet on the spot and look into the matter.

Viscount Stonehaven made the sensible suggestion that the “Stop” sign should be removed from the trunk road at Invercarron and placed on the Laurencekirk road. This would force vehicles to reduce speed, and they would not have regained it by the time they came to the bad corner at the west end of Dunnottar Avenue.

There is little doubt that excessive speed has been responsible for most of the accidents, and there does not seem to be any difficulty in carrying out his proposal.

The original “Halt” sign was on the Laurencekirk road, and the only objection to having it there arose from the fact that it held up the bulk of the traffic. But things are different now. Since the opening of the two road bridges over the Forth and Tay, the trunk road has been carrying an increasing volume of traffic, and it seems as though that process is to be a continuous one. So if it makes the approach to the town a bit safer the sign should be moved back to its original position.


Thursday September 6th 1917

An incident which caused a good deal of excitement in the vicinity of Stonehaven Harbour occurred on Monday while one of the Corporation carts was doing one of its usual forenoon rounds.

At the South side of the Harbour, and when the cart was only a few yards from the edge of the basin, one of the wheels collapsed, causing the vehicle to topple over on its side within an ace of falling into the water. The horse fortunately remained quiet, and no damage was done.


Bervie - it is understood that a local firm has purchased the Gas Works and it is rumoured that it has been proposed to form a new company. The price paid for the undertaking has not been made public.

The monthly meeting of the Bervie School Board was held on Tuesday evening, Mr D.C. Boath in the chair. There were eight applications for exemption, but only two cases were granted. The clerk intimated receipt of the evening class grant amounting to £23 14s 8d, and the first instalment of the fee/grant amounting to £83 12s.

A largely-signed petition is being prepared and sent to the Food Controller asking for an extension of the rod fishing on the River Bervie until November.