It Happened in the Mearns

1992: Mill o' Forest pupils are pictured with head teacher, Mrs Lena Mitchell, after a Harvest Festival service at the school.
1992: Mill o' Forest pupils are pictured with head teacher, Mrs Lena Mitchell, after a Harvest Festival service at the school.

We take a look back at what was making the headlines locally on this week in 1992, 1967 and 1917:


Friday September 25th, 1992

News of Kincardine/Deeside District Council’s intention to build a sports centre costing over £400,000 in facilities-starved Portlethen has been warmly welcomed by locals.

And, although the proposal is only a tentative one at present, the fact that the Council recognise the need for such a provision was described by local councillor Mrs mairi Nash this week as “very good news”.

The District Council this week submitted a four-year capital spending plan to the Scottish Office which will, if approved, include the erection of a sports centre in Portlethen, costing an estimated £405,000, between 1994 and 1996.

Speaking on Wednesday, Cllr Nash told the Leader: “I and a large number of Portlethen residents are delighted to hear that the Council has, at last, put forward a proposal to build a much-needed sports centre in the town.”

Cllr Nash, who has pushed for the siting of a sports centre in Portlethen for some time, explained that the “town”, which has one of the fastest growing populations in the North East, has a severe shortage of sporting facilities.

Although the building of a centre, if approved, is still a long way off, its most likely position would be on a site adjacent to the swimming pool.

The request to allow the building of a sports centre is only one item on a long “wish list” of projects submitted to the Scottish Office by the Council this week.


Friday September 29th, 1967

Mr C. A. Nicol, county architect and planning officer, is to prepare plans of sites available to industrialists at Spurryhillock site, Stonehaven.

This was decided at Tuesday’s meeting of the county planning committee which had before it a letter from Mr W. Adams, of the Scottish Council Development and Industry.

Mr Adams said that it had come to his notice that various small enterprises had had difficulty in finding low cost accommodation in Stonehaven. He asked if the council had given thought to that problem in developing Spurryhillock. He did not advocate the building of advance factories but pointed out that most of such firms started in old, rented property, such as halls, etc. If they prospered, however, they would at some stage require to move to adequate buildings.


Stonehaven people had the opportunity on Tuesday and Wednesday to see the play which a joint Kincardine company are to perform shortly in Denmark, Jean Anouilh’s “Waltz of the Toreadors”.

Almost everyone who saw the play staged by the Ury Players, Stonehaven, with the addition of three members of the Kaims Players, Montrose, agreed that it was an impressive performance. Much of the success can be attributed to excellent casting.


Thursday September 27th 1917

Not since the war began has there been a Football match in Laurencekirk, but we are to have one on Saturday first between the NCOs and men of the local Volunteer Company.

The contest is being looked forward to with keen interest, and there is sure to be a good attendance at the park. Quite likely the rankers will turn the tables on their superiors by (metaphorically speaking) rolling them in the dust!


The Stonehaven Platoon of the 1st Kincardineshire Volunteer Battalion was inspected on Sunday at Urie Park by Colonel J. O. Forbes, garrison commander, Aberdeen. There was a full parade of the platoon, which marched up from the Drill Hall in High Street in column of route, headed by Piper MacDonald. The inspecting officer saw half of the platoon at bayonet fighting and physical drill, while the other two sections were going through musketry work and squad drill. The machine gun section of the company was also examined at work under Sergeant Vernon. Sergeant Hall was bayonet fighting instructor, while C.S.M Brown conducted the physical drill. Sergeant Martin had charge of the section at musketry, while Sergeant Smith was putting the fourth section through squad drill. The whole platoon was then assembled, and a few movements of arm drill were gone through.