Stonehaven artist holding May art show

An unusual art exhibition will be open in Montrose Library throughout May. The show in this large space is remarkable because all the paintings are the work of one artist.

Bern Ross: Inspired by Scotland shows ‘a journey condensed’. Bern, who lives in Stonehaven, says, “All my paintings are inspired by the climate and terrain here in Scotland and meeting the friendly, creative people.”

Although she trained in art more than forty years ago in East Anglia and was brought up by an artist, life took her into related careers including teaching, writing and publishing. “But in 2007 we relocated to North East Scotland and suddenly I was seeing my surroundings with new eyes,” she says. “I really wanted to paint again as I walked in the hills with my husband and along the cliffs in all weathers. The changing skies, the way the sea transforms in moments, the quickly disappearing horizon with the coming and going of mist and of course the seasons, the colours, the scenery: it continues to be breathtaking and constantly inspires me.”

Her use of colour is uplifting, predominantly blue because, she says, “We all feel better under a blue sky and I’m amazed at how often the sky is blue here,” but her favourite colour is red. “I love wearing red; and travelling around the Mearns, especially in spring with the freshly ploughed red soil is so inspiring. It’s such a happy colour.” Sometimes she uses texture to increase the variation in tones and all her paintings reflect her feelings about Scotland, hence the title.

Specialising mainly in seascapes and figure drawings, Bern Ross: Inspired by Scotland is a vibrant exhibition and offers a wide range of pictures to suit all tastes. “Whilst pursuing other careers I kept on with life drawing for practise but when I began to paint again – wow! It was a cascade of creativity. I knew I’d come home!”

Among the canvases and drawings on show there are pieces plucked from imagination; semi-abstracts; stylised line drawings; modern textured work and some fun pieces too. Bern has a special interest in how the lie of the land imitates the human form and to this end she combines shape, form and colour to create landscape. She supports The John Muir Trust, giving them 10% of sales through a web page The charity is committed to preserving and protecting wild places in Scotland.

The exhibition is open with free admission during all library hours and Bern will arrange to take individuals from Stonehaven if required : Text 07789 748361 or email Press interviews by arrangement.