President Aileen Gauld welcomed Catterline members, and Ann Coutes and Rhona Keith, two tellers from St Cyrus, to the May meeting and 83rd birthday of the Institute.

Secretary Alyson Lynch read the minutes and then gave her Annual Report. This was followed by the Treasurer’s Report given by Isobel Collie. President Aileen Gauld then thanked the retiring committee members for their work and support over the year. On behalf of the committee members Linda Swan thanked Aileen for carrying out her duties so well during her year in office and presented her with a floral bouquet. The annual prize giving for the monthly competitions followed:

The Jean Elkin memorial rose bowl 2013/14: 1. Mrs A. Meston, Runner-up. Mrs E. Garden; The Violet Bailey memorial cookery cup 2013/14: Joint 1. Mrs M. Moir and Mrs A. Meston, Runner-up. Mrs E. Meston; The Cathie Masson trophy (crafts) 2013/14: 1. mrs E. Meston, Runner up. Mrs I. Collie; The Dorothy Morrison Cup for overall winner 2013/14: 1. Mrs E. Meston, Runner up. Mrs A. Meston; The monthly competition - 2 sausage rolls: 1. mary Mair, 2. Alice Meston, 3. Betty Meston.

Then everyone enjoyed a lovely meal which members had provided by bringing a sweet or savoury dish. Mrs B. Abernethy and Mrs E. Walker cut the cake. The new committee was announced and Linda Swan is the new president. The evening continued with a quiz provided by Mrs E. Crabb. Each member was given a raffle and Aileen Gauld proposed the vote of thanks.


Mrs Vera McBain, President welcomed members to the business meeting of Laurencekirk WRI and after the monthly business, Fiona Milton Secretary gave the annual report followed by Nance Allan with the Treasurers Report and Vera McBain gave the President’s address, thanking the Committee for their hard work and support during the year.

There then followed an evening of table top games which caused much laughter and talk, and the overall winners were, Bell Wisener and Cathy Hayes.

Competition winners were:- Peppermint Creams:- 1. Mary Young, 2. Fiona Milton.

Flower of the month, Mary Young.

Tellers for the evening were. Marlyn Easton and Isabel Ritchie of Marykirk WRI. Results as follows,

President, Mary Allan; Vice President, Sheila Wilson; Secretary, Fiona Milton; Treasurer, Nancy Allan;

Press Secretary, Bell Wisener. With Anne Black, Mary Young, Betty Ritchie, and Mary Wink.

Mary Young was Tea Convener, and Mary Allan gave the votes of thanks, bringing the evening to a close.


At our last meeting of the season President Jocelyn Mair welcomed members to our taste and try night.

With members missing because of other commitments we managed to enjoy some savoury and sweet dishes washed down with a few refreshments.Cup winner with the most points Doreen Beedie runnerup, Jocelyn Mair. Most entries 1. Doreen Beedie 2. equal Jocelyn Mair and Chrissie Warden.Thanks were giving to all for supplying the food and drinks. Another meeting was arranged to make up syllabus and summer outing plans.


President Helen Doig welcomed members and visitors to the Business meeting. After annual reports by the president, secretary and treasurer, Mrs Gauld and Mrs Hutcheon from Portlethen WRI counted the votes.

The new committee members are: President - Mary Tennant, Vice President - Pat Fraser, Secretary - Julia Christian, Treasurer - Jane Lawrie, Committee - Marlene Walker, Margaret Ross, Pat Cooper and Lilian Mair. The cup for most points for the year was won by Margaret Ross. A demonstration on sugar paste cup cake decorations was given by Nicki Lawrie.

Competition: 6 months syllabus - 1. lilian mair, 2. Isobel Stephen.

Flower of the month: Marlene Walker.

We are sorry to say goodbye to Helehn Doig who resigned as president after many years service. We wish her well in the future and hope to see her at future meetings.