103mph A90 racers banned in court

Two men who raced along the A90 from Portlethen to Newtonhill have been banned from driving after getting caught by Grampian Police.

Sunday, 24th February 2013, 2:03 pm

Daniel Coyle and Dale Pearson were banned from the roads for nine and six months respectively when they appeared at Stonehaven Sheriff Court last week.

The pair, who did not know each other before being stopped by the police on August 4, admitted that they had been driving without reasonable consideration for others.

Grampian Police had been out on routine patrol in Aberdeen when they noticed a group of around 10 cars driving together and heading for the A90 just before midnight.

The court heard that officers then followed the group and watched as Coyle ( 23) and Pearson (20) drew up beside each other just after the Portlethen turn-off.

The police monitored the speed of the two vehicles, both of which suddenly accelerated harshly, changed lanes and reached speeds of 103mph.


Defence agent Lynn Bentley, who was representing Coyle, said the race had not been pre-arranged and they joined the A90 at a different points.

Speaking of the video evidence she said: “It appears that Pearson increased his speed and for a period of time they were driving alongside each other.”

Coyle, of Flat F, 10 Clover Place, Montrose, was also fined £175.

Pearson, of 70 Drumlandrigg Drive, Dundee, was fined £400.