2015’s Skateraw Fair has been cancelled...

The popular Skateraw Fair in Newtonhill has been cancelled, after a lack of volunteers left the organising committee no choice.

This week, Laura Bruce, chair of the Skateraw Fair Organising Committee, spoke of how she was ‘absolutely gutted’ that they had to make that decision.

The fair is normally held on the last Saturday of June every year.

A meeting which took place on February 4, in the Bettridge Centre Kitchen, failed to get more volunteers involved.

The Mearns Leader ran an article two weeks ago on how more help and volunteers were needed to save the Newtonhill event from being cancelled.

Laura said: “Basically, out of a core team of nine, we only had five positions filled.

‘‘Only one new volunteer came along to the meeting on the 4th as well.

“Everyone that filled a position works full-time as well and last year we had the treasurer covering three positions, something she was unwilling to do this year - which is fair enough really.

“We had discussed about having just the fair day, but if that was to go ahead, financially it could have impeded what could have been done the year after should a full fair then happen.”

At the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee on Tuesday, the Skateraw Fair was awarded funding of £930 to assist with the purchase of a small marquee, two additional gazebos, and four large bins for the summer event.

However, Laura said that the decision was not taken lightly.

She added: “I’m absolutely gutted that we had to make this decision.

‘‘Personally, I’m a person that hates to let people down and that’s what I feel has happened for some..

“We all work full-time and there’s only so much we feel we can take on.

‘‘There has to come a point where you just have to say no.”