Academy congratulated on excellent HMI report

Aberdeenshire Council has congratulated the head teacher, pupils, staff and parents on the outcome of the recent inspection of Mearns Academy by HM Inspectorate of Education.

Mearns Academy was inspected in January this year as part of a national sample of secondary education. The inspection covered key aspects of the work of the school at all stages.

The report describes how well young people are doing and how good the school is in helping them to learn. It looks at how well staff, parents and young people work together and how they go about improving the school, as well as how the school works with other groups in the community.

The report also focuses on how well the school is led and how the staff helps the school achieve its aims.

HM Inspectors identified the following as being key strengths of the school:

The high level of commitment and outstanding leadership of the head teacher.

Mature, confident and responsible young people.

Partnerships with community groups and other services to support learners and to help deliver broader learning opportunities.

Highly effective arrangements to support vulnerable learners.

Staff commitment to continuously improving the work of the school.

The high-quality service of the library and its contribution to learning.

The Inspectors made the following recommendations for action by the school and the education authority:

Continue to promote strategies to raise achievement.

Finalise a strategic vision for the future development of Curriculum for Excellence in school and communicate this to staff and parents.

The school has the capacity to make the necessary improvements and as a result of the very good quality of education provided by the school, there will be no more visits in connection with this inspection.

An action plan prepared by the school and the education authority has already begun to address these recommendations.

Academy rector Ian Parkin commented: “It is very reassuring to see that the qualities of the pupils have been very clearly recognised, well done to them. Also, I am very pleased that the work and commitment of staff here has received very positive comments and that working in partnership with parents and others is commended.

“As a school, however, we are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our service to learners and parents. The HMIe findings will assist us in pursuing our improvement agenda and help us to do certain things better.”