Academy will go ahead

Mearns councillor, Provost Bill Howatson, has pledged that the new Mearns Academy will go ahead as planned, despite the Scottish Futures Trust seeking to implement a cut in the amount of cash it contributes to the project. (See story P2).

Provost Howatson said: “The SFT are seeking a reduction in costs from £2,200 per square metre to £1,900 per square metre for the new academy project.

“This proposed reduction was the subject of discussions earlier this week between the council and the SFT.

“I can give an assurance that, despite the reduction in funding, the council remain unequivocally committed to a new Mearns Academy.

“This will not blunt the determination of the council to proceed with Mearns Academy as currently outlined.

“Some points may need clarification, but our over-arching commitment remains unshakeable.”

The Provost explained that the cut the SFT is seeking would reduce the SFT contribution of £11.2 million by £1.53 million.

“We would find that from our own resouces if we had to, but it may be that savings can be achieved and the final price of the new school will depend on the tenders received.

“Nothing is going to halt our progress and we will still begin building work in the summer next year as has been our long term target.

“The school that is built will be built to the current specifications.”

In addition to teaching areas and community space, the new Mearns Academy will include a range of sports facilities, including a four-court games hall, gym, fitness suite and sports pitches.