Achievement marked

Provost Bill Howaston visited Milltown Camphill Community in Arbuthnott this week to mark their achievements.

Over the past four years Milltown’s workshop has completed the refurbishment of more than 5,600 tools which have been sent to be re-used in African countries.

The refurbishment of second hand tools has always been a central part of the work at Milltown Day Workshop. Tools are donated by local people and organisations in North-east Scotland. They are then restored and sent in kits to artisans, schools and training centres in African countries. This has always been done through the national Tools for Self-Reliance scheme.

Recently, however, tools have also been sent through Global Concerns Trust. This Edinburgh-based charity received funding for four years from the Scottish Government as part of its International Development Programme.

Tool kits that have been sent through Global Concerns Trust to Malawi have gone to primary schools, training projects for people with disabilities and one man kits have gone to individuals completing their training.

Global Concerns Trust was able to give clear feedback as to who received the kits, which gave an extra incentive to the people working on the refurbishment.

Over the last four years Milltown Day Workshop has sent off 12 full joinery kits of 90 tools each and 10 one man kits of 35 tools.

“This current funding has now come to an end, but it is hoped that parts of the project will be able to continue,” explains Andrew Plant of Milltown.

“In order to mark the ending of this phase of activity, and to publicly acknowledge all the good work that has been done during this time, Emma Duncan from Global Concerns Trust will be coming to visit Milltown Day Workshop with Aberdeenshire Provost Bill Howatson.”

Milltown Camphill Community provides a home and working environment for adults with special needs. It is one of the seven Camphill charities that together form Camphill Aberdeen City and Shire.