Action needed now to save Sheriff Court building


Residents and community groups in Stonehaven need to act now if they want to preserve the Sheriff Court building in the town.

This was the message from local man, Douglas Samways, at a public meeting to discuss ways to improve and enhance the town held last week.

Addressing the meeting, Mr Samways said: “The community needs to come together now to save the courthouse, and have a strategy in place backed up by good arguments.

‘‘If anyone thinks that the police station will remain, it won’t. We need to get it going now.”

It was agreed that more volunteers were needed to come together and create a working group to consider a way to save the B listed building.

Stonehaven and Lower Deeside Councillor Wendy Agnew said that some thought a good use for the building was to develop it into an extension of Dunnottar School, located next door.

Lack of pavement on the Greenden Road, which leads up to the Braehead estate, was also highlighted by frustrated residents. One attendee said: “They could at least paint white lines on the roads marking a pathway to show drivers that pedestrians are using the road too. There are children regularly using the road to walk to and from school.

James Stephen, who chaired the meeting, called for something to be done about the lack of signange for tourists in the town, adding: “Everyone knows how to get here, but there is very little to show tourists where to go.”