Affordable insurance call for flood risk properties

Sir Robert Smith, Liberal Democrat MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine has called on the Government and the insurance industry to come to an agreement on affordable insurance for those at risk of flooding as quickly as possible.

Speaking in Westminster Sir Robert impressed on the Minister for the Environment the importance of affordable insurance for those in areas at risk of flooding by asking the Minister: “Can he take the message from the people of Stonehaven who have been flooded for a second time that urgency is also important so that they can have the comfort of reinsuring their property.”

The Government and the insurance industry are currently negotiating a scheme that would enable those in areas at risk of flooding, such as Stonehaven, to have access to affordable insurance.

In the past properties at risk of flooding often had to pay prohibitively high premiums and the Government has said it wants the new scheme to make affordability a priority.

Since the recent floods in Stonehaven Sir Robert has emphasised the importance of the Government and the insurance industry finding a solution as quickly as possible. He commented: “Whilst every effort should be taken to reduce and prevent flooding in the first place, it is an unfortunate truth that unpredictable weather and therefore flooding will continue to be a problem across the UK. Not only does affordable flood insurance provide financial protection when flooding does occur, it also provides peace of mind for residents throughout the year.”