All the information in one place

RESIDENTS are being encouraged to make use of the new website launched by the Stonehaven Flood Action group as a means of sharing information.

The website has been set up by the newly formed group- who came together in response to the most recent flooding in the hope of helping move action forward- and it has on it areas where information can be contributed.

Alan Craig, who created the website, explains that they have had a large number of page views already but that the site relies on people contributing.

He said: “It’s all about accessing information. I don’t think anyone, myself included, had all of the information after the last flooding in the Town and this is the chance for the community to come together and share their experiences, knowledge and pictures.”
He explained that the site is not about placing blame on anyone, but rather to make sure all of the information is in one place and easily accessible to all.

On the site there are options to set up an account and you can also contact the organisation.

There are forums which can be used to discuss different issues and where questions can be asked of the community and also of the various agencies- including Aberdeenshire Council- which are involved with the issue of flooding in the Town.

To keep the site running and up to date, Stonehaven Flood action group need contributors to come forward to share their experiences and ideas.

To view the site and to get involved visit

The Stonehaven Flood Action Group have been hard at work since forming in the beginning of the year, currently they are focussing on achieving their aims- which includes ensuring all properties are protected and the creation of a flood warning system- they are looking to get the whole community involved in protecting the Town and joining in on the site is just one way you can do this.