Are you prepared for whatever winter may bring?

Severe weather can cause challenges and disruption, so are you getting prepared for what a severe winter might bring?

As the weather starts to grow colder, the Scottish Government’s Ready for Winter? campaign is encouraging everyone to take an hour now and prepare before winter and potential extreme weather strikes.

Whether in the community, at home, on the move or in the workplace, we all need to consider the risks posed by severe winter weather and put plans in place.

Recent years have shown how damaging the effects of severe weather can be in Scotland.

Even in milder seasons, bad weather can cause us big problems.

Taking an hour now and doing a few small things could save you a lot of trouble later.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Here are some practical tips to get you started:

n Identify family or neighbours in your community who may need help if severe weather strikes - have their phone numbers to hand and offer to help them prepare.

n Make a household plan and collect together items that will be important to you and your family in an emergency.

n Pack a few essential items in your car uch as an ice scraper and de-icer, a torch and spare batteries, a shovel for snow, warm clothes, boots and a blanket; don’t forget some food and a warm drink in a flask.