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The 10.30 All Age Service was led Rev Lizzie Campbell, assisted by Lay Reader, Arma. The service was dedicated as ‘Sea Sunday’ – traditionally celebrated on the second Sunday in July.

Lizzie introduced her theme with the story of Jonah, acted out in lively manner by the young children present for the service. Then she went on to show how much we as a nation depend on the sea for over 90% of the produce that comes into the country, from basic foodstuffs to motor-cars, technical equipment and fuel.

She described the huge container-ships, the length of three football fields, manned by fewer than a dozen crew, and how lonely and afraid they might be. She pointed out the hazards faced by seafarers, not only from the climate, but also from pirates, and how much they depended on Seafarers Missions in various ports, since many of them were far from home and didn’t speak the language of their fellow-sailors. She said how important was the work done by the various charities that provide comfort and support to the world’s maritime industries .The service concluded with the hymn ‘Will your anchor hold’.

The evening Eucharist at St Philip’s, Catterline, was led by Rev Maggie Jackson and Lay Reader, Anne, preached on the theme of the reading from Isaiah 55; 10-13.

Baptist Buzz

Having had a break from the pulpit, if not his other duties, last Sunday Pastor Nathan resumed our look at the book of Philippians in Chapter 2.

He pointed out that people often think of joy when they think of this book but there is anxiety too as the church in Philippi was fraught with difficulties. Just as today there are divisions and rivalry within the church.

Paul reminded the Philippians, and Pastor Nathan reminded us that we can all have a spirit of complaining. We can all feel threatened or marginalised. A complaining person destroys relationships in all walks of life; church included. We should show what we believe by how we live.

Dunnottar linked with South

Reverend Rosslyn Duncan began Sunday’s service by warmly welcoming all present including those visiting Dunnottar for the first time and those visiting Scotland for the first time.

During the service, the gift of two new lives was celebrated in the sacrament of baptism; Sophie Autumn Beadie daughter of Euan and Annie and also Erin Eilean Greenwell daughter of Andrew and Sonja.

The sermon focus was ‘sowers, soils and seeds.’ In Matthew chapter 13 is the familiar parable of the sower and the seed. It tells of how the seed fell on different kinds of soil. Rosslyn encouraged us to consider whether, if we were soil would we be good soil, taking the word of God and allowing the Holy Spirit within us to bear fruit.

Rosslyn will be on leave from Monday, July 21, until Tuesday the 29th inclusive. Pastoral cover will be provided by the Rev Ronnie Gall of Laurencekirk 01561 378838.

Please send any intimations for both congregations to Pat at the St Bridget’s office by Thursday 9.00am 01569 760930.

Please copy all intimations for both congregations to the Minister by email on

Focus on Fetteresso

Matt Sinar led the first half of the worship. He told of the Penny Gospel Ministry run by the Far and Wide Charity Shop. Every home in Stonehaven will receive the Gospel of Luke in a wee book, which also contains inspirational short stories of six athletes. Matt shared about Ignite: the youth group for secondary 1-3. It started back in August with four young people and has grown to 11 attending regularly. He asks that we continue to pray for the group and that knowledge God’s of Love is with them.

The reading was Psalm 93. Rev. Fyfe Blair gave the sermon.

Life can be like the winter seas that wreck our beaches. We can feel defeated, depleted and unable to face another day. Psalm 93 acknowledges this and yet encourages us that God is sovereign, verse 4: Mightier than the great waves than the breakers of the sea The Lord on High is mighty.

Oppression can come in many forms, but God is mightier than it all, we are to hold on to that. We have assurance that if we are under Gods protection that our life is secure, Jesus is our security.