Artist turns lens on Dunnottar woods

Readers can get in touch with David via the website to get involved in the project
Readers can get in touch with David via the website to get involved in the project

Stonehaven artist David Officer has launched an exciting new project to create an intimate portrait of Dunnottar Woods.

‘If You Go Down to the Woods Today…’ will see David using photography, timelapse, sound recording and video to explore the people and wildlife that use the woods over the course of a full year.

With the project starting this week, David will be documenting updates throughout the year.

He told us this week that he was pleased to get into the woods, even if it was a bit “driech”.

He said: “There are really two aims of the project, to document a year in the life of the woods and to develop my artistic practice in new ways.

“In terms of the woods I’m hoping to share a flavour of how the woods are used by people and wildlife, what the community thinks about them, and how the woods change over the course of a year.

“It’ll be shaped by the people I meet, the weather, and various other factors during the term of the project. I’ll be using photography, video, sound recording, interviews, and time-lapse to build an archive of material, as well as doing some creative responses and organising some small events.”

David has created a website where most of his material will be archived {http://| http://|Click here to visit website}.
David added: “We’d still like to speak to local businesses about sponsoring the project so that we can hold some exhibitions to showcase the work and to support ongoing costs. We raised enough money through crowdfunding to get started but we’ll need more to ensure the rich story of the woods and what they mean to the people of Stonehaven reaches a wide audience. Individuals can also donate via the website if they want to support it.

“It’s not been easy getting to this stage and we had a few hiccups along the way. It’s a relief to get started but also a little daunting.

“I think once I get into the routine of visiting the woods and start getting some stories through from people then I’ll be able to relax a bit.”