Auchenblae nearly new sale a big success

A successful ‘nearly new sale’ of children’s clothes, toys and nursery equipment has taken place in Auchenblae Village Hall.

This was the latest in a string of sales run by Gillian Milne and Isabelle Riddoch to support local charities.

On this occasion, the sale was well supported, and on the day more than £900 was raised for the chosen beneficiaries.

From these proceeds, a donation was made to Auchenblae Primary School to enable all the children to undertake a Science Challenge on the last day of term before Easter. Additionally, a donation was made to Margaret Muiry (a village resident), to contribute to work ongoing in Malawi to support the establishment of a feeding station.

Margaret’s husband Ross Muiry, a retired doctor, had very selflessly worked in Malawi for a number of years tackling infant mortality. He had intended to return to Malawi in February for one more visit to begin the work of establishing a feeding station, but sadly died suddenly before he was able to do so.

It was with great pleasure that the girls handed over this money to Margaret to allow this inspiring work to continue.

Other smaller donations were made to two local parents to support them in specific fundraising efforts.

Isabelle and Gillian intend to run two further sales this year and these will be advertised locally in advance. Should you wish any information on becoming a helper or seller at future sales, you can phone them; Gillian Milne 01561-320685, Isabelle Riddoch 01561-320759.