Barcelona or bust in a £400 banger...

Graham Henderson (centre) will be joined by four friends on the adventure in May.
Graham Henderson (centre) will be joined by four friends on the adventure in May.
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A group of friends from Laurencekirk have decided to turn their mate’s stag do into an adventure, raising money for charity along the way.

Alan Scales (31) and pals Graham Henderson (32), Euan Cartney (33), Alan Bell (43) and Scott Forsyth (32) will take part in the Barcelona Bangers Rally in May, driving from Calais on the northern coast of France to the Spanish city over the course of three days.

The rules are that the vehicles used must be worth less than £400, and they should be decorated with a theme of the driver’s choice.

More than 800 cars will take part, and the Laurencekirk lads will be split between two vehicles, the first, as pictured, has been covered by hand in thousands of stickers, with the Incredible Hulk bursting out of the bonnet.

The second, which the friends are still working on, will have a casino theme.

The trip will coincide with Graham’s stag do, so the group plan to spend three days in Barcelona to celebrate before driving their ‘bangers’ back home to the Mearns.

Alan said: We are going to ask people to pay to guess how many stickers we put on the car, and we also hope to sell the cars once we’re back. As well as that people can sponsor us for the rally itself, so we are hoping tor aise a good amount for cancer research.’’

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