Belmont Braes safety discussed

STONEHAVEN and District Community Council discussed the possibility of closing the Belmont Brae road in Stonehaven to traffic or making it open only to one way traffic.

The discussion came after a local resident, Jim McMillan, contacted the Community Council looking for support for his suggestions to improve safety on the road.

Mr McMillan was told by Aberdeenshire Coucil’s roads department to get more support for his idea and he wrote to Local Councillors who took the plans to the Community Council.

Community Councillors discussed the suggestions with some saying it is an issue which has been raised before. Others felt it was not the main concern in terms of roads in the Town and cited the Slug Road as a bigger issue in terms of safety.

Some felt that the issue was in fact for the Police as they should be ensuring those who ignore weight restrictions on the road are punished.

Community Councillor Peter Greig described the road as being “self risk assessed” as vehicles cannot speed on the road due to the nature of the corner and that those on the road know of the danger and take care. He said he has never known of any accidents on the road.

Councillor Peter Bellarby explained there is something else to take into account in the discussion of the road.

He said: “One factor on this is development of Ury House. Part of that involves a link road from the Slug road to the Netherley road being built. This would change the traffic patterns quite a bit and cars which would normally use Belmont Brae would be reduced.”

Community Councillor David Fleming asked that research previously carried out by Aberdeenshire Council into the plans be shown to the Community Council so they could make a more informed decision.


However it was decided by Community Councillors, in order to get a more broad opinion, the issue would be raised in the local email bulletin the Stoney Voice in order to get response from the local community.