Bervie Primary vandalised

THE Primary Three class at Bervie School are angry at the vandals for not respecting their rights.
THE Primary Three class at Bervie School are angry at the vandals for not respecting their rights.

VANDALS who targeted Bervie Primary School earlier this month have been reprimanded in an open letter from the school’s Primary Three class.

Windows were smashed with an uprooted bird-feeding station and property stolen in the thoughtless attack in the early hours of November 13.

One of the windows belonged to the Primary Three classroom, and shattered glass was strewn all over the room, with teachers coming across shards of the window inside pencil pots, book shelves and toy boxes. Pieces of glass were still being discovered by young children days later.

The Primary Three pupils, who have recently been learning about their rights, felt that the vandals - who it is also thought targetted residential properties nearby on the same night - did not respect the rights of the children being taught at Bervie Primary. They have penned an open letter to those responsible:

Dear Vandals

We have one question to ask you. Why would you want to smash our school window, steal and destroy class property, and risk seriously hurting young children?

We were very shocked and upset when we came into our class to discover the damage and could not understand why anyone would want to do this. We think of Inverbervie as being a safe, quiet place to live and don’t expect dreadful things like this to happen here.

Did you not realise that we could have been seriously injured by the glass that, because of your actions, was found in every area of our room. The glass was in the Lego, crayon and pencil pots, books, and lots of other class equipment. We still worry that we could be cut by glass not yet found.

How would you like it if we came and smashed up your property, we don’t think you would be very happy about it. It will cost a lot of money to replace the damage to property that you have caused. That money could have been spent on essential equipment for the school to help with our education.

Did you not consider the possible consequences of your actions? We have been learning about our rights and you have not respected them. We hope this makes you think about what you have done.

Yours sincerely, The pupils of Primary Three.