‘Boris bike’ potential in Stonehaven

An idea of public bike hire scheme similar to London’s ‘Boris Bikes’ system has been mooted as part of a proposed supermarket plan for Stonehaven.

Stonehaven and District Community Council (SDCC) heard from landowner David Strang Steel as part of the pre-consultation stage for the Mains of Ury proposals before a formal application is submitted at the end of June.

A 4000sqm supermarket, petrol station and car park could be built with a ‘Boris Bike’ scheme being utilised from the supermarket to the town centre. The system allows users to hire a bike for short journeys, leaving them at another location for the next user.

The proposed development would be just to the north of Stonehaven, surrounding the new junction of the AWPR, fastlink and the A90.

Mr Strang Steel explained that, unlike his previous bid, ‘Field 52’, this development would not have houses attached to it.

Speaking to the Leader at the SDCC meeting, Mr Strang Steel said of the 25 bikes that could be a part of the application: “It would be used between the supermarket and the town centre. The Boris Bikes so called because of the London Mayor is something people many would hear about and want to try.”