Bridge Club results

Stonehaven Bridge Club results:


1st Mr S Annand & Mrs P Kemp..+1770pts, 2nd Mrs P Walton & Mr G Shanks..+750, 3rd Mrs M Clowes & Mrs D Gray.. +310


1st Mrs V Davies & Mrs S Powada..+1350pts, 2nd Mrs C Masterton & Mr A Mearns..+570, 3rd Mrs C Clouston & Mrs A Murray.-580

Results of the Laurencekirk Bridge Club for Week 3 are as follows:

North/South - 1. Drs A & F Lyall. 2. Mrs A Ruxton & Mrs C Aitken

East/West - 1. Mrs M McLauchlan & Miss S Cooper 2. Mrs E Argo & Mrs J Clyne