Bridge results

The autumn season finished with a fun night of bridge when the regulars were joined by the substitutes and learners for a few rubbers with mulled wine and sausage rolls and mince pies and crackers.

The individual competition was won by ‘birthday boy’ Gordon Shanks (he admitted to 49 but wasn’t believed), second was learner, Denise Gray, and third seasoned campaigner, John Payne.

The ‘booby’ bottle of Lucozade went to Carol Harrison. The winter season restarts on January 7 and learners class on the 13th.

Laurencekirk Bridge Club results Week 10:

North/South - 1 Fiona Bruce/Olive Henry, 2 Frances Wallace /Margaret Cargill.

East/West - 1 Amy Ruxton/Kathy Aitken, 2 Drs Alan & Fiona Lyall.