Brighter Bervie and Marykirk in top up cash


Community groups around Kincardine and the Mearns have been awarded funds by Aberdeenshire councillors, following a meeting on Tuesday.

Councillors considered requests from a number of community groups at Viewmount, with funds being awarded from the Area Committee budget. The total awarded at the meeting was over £2000 with funds going to Brighter Bervie and Marykirk Village Hall Management Committee.

A report put before members of the committee stated that Brighter Bervie had gone from ‘strength to strength’ in the promotion and development to enhance the town through the project.

It said: “This project will see a sculpture trail developed in three areas of the town. The sculptures will take the form of a crown, at the seafront to commemorate King David’s landing in 1342; the Royal Burgh Coat of Arms at the Medical Centre to commemorate the Charter granted to Inverbervie, and a lighthouse in the voyage of life garden which will be featured on the Beechgrove Garden programme later this year..”

Next Tuesday (June 16), will see the unveiling of the Brighter Bervie Sculpture with resident Artist Debbie Ryan at 2pm.

Cllr George Carr said: “Brighter Bervie are doing some great work and they have enhanced what was done previously and I’ve no problems agreeing to this.”

Marykirk Village Hall Management Committee were also granted £880 towards installing acoustic damping panels for the village hall.

The report explained: “Currently the echo of noise in the hall prohibits usage and to improve users experience the damping walls are being proposed. The remainder of the funding has been achieved through fund raising and a grant from the Tullo Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund.”