‘Brighter Bervie’ plans to install public art in burgh

An artist impression of the Bervie sculpture
An artist impression of the Bervie sculpture

Brighter Bervie are seeking planning permission to install public art at the beach front car park of the Royal Burgh.

Planning documents lodged with Aberdeenshire Council included an artist’s impression of what the 1.6m high sculpture would look like.

The area of seafront that the sculpture will be installed

The area of seafront that the sculpture will be installed

The design details of the features to be added to the sculpture are being finalised by Debbie Ryan who was commissioned to carry out the work.

The project is looking to rejuvenate public spaces and create a positive identity while celebrating the area’s diverse make up and heritage.

Tom Campbell, the Chairperson of Brighter Bervie, said: “A planning application for installation of the 1.6m high by 2.5m diameter sculpture has been lodged with Aberdeenshire Planning Dept in Stonehaven and this is being processed. Sharp-eyed visitors to Bervie’s seafront car park will notice that one of the colourful train planters, very popular with children, has been “shunted” to a different position to make way for installing the Crown sculpture.”

Tom added that the group was very excited about sculpture that would become the centrepiece to the revamped seafront.

He added: “Since last year, Debbie, who is a Glasgow based artist, specialising in ceramic mosaics, has spent several residences here interacting with many local groups of all ages to learn about the heritage of Bervie, what makes the community tick today and what residents expect for its future.

“She has gathered ideas and images from children and older folks and has started to get them making some of the actual pieces that will form the features on the finished sculpture. This is a real public art project in which the piece of art is created by the artist and community working together.”

“A crown form was chosen for the sculpture to link with the Scottish King David II’s ship being driven ashore near Bervie which led to the granting of Bervie’s Royal Burgh Charter in 1342.”

Kincardine and Mearns will have to wait until Tuesday June 16 at 2pm to see the finished sculpture being inaugurated by the Lord Lieutenant of Kincardineshire during Bervie Gala Week.