Budapest Cafe Orchestra to play Johnshaven

The group will play Johnshaven on June 12
The group will play Johnshaven on June 12

Budapest Cafe Orchestra are coming to Johnshaven as part of their annual tour of ‘Scotlandia’.

The fifth tour of Scotland will see the group travel to Johnshaven Village Hall on June 12, the penultimate gig in the tour.

The band have performed over 100 concerts in more than 50 different venues, since the advent of these Scottish tours in 2011.

This year’s tour centres on their new album, and the group’s sixth CD release, The Gaelic Chronicles.

The band contains members Balkan Bob on violin (played by Chris Garrick), The Dragon on accordion (played by Eddie Hession), The Sultan on guitars (played by Adrian Zolotuhin) and The Klaw on bass (played by Kelly Cantlon).

The group tolds us: “The Gaelic Chronicles is a kind of hymn to an adopted spiritual homeland. This collection of music has resulted from many years of intense touring throughout the Highlands and Islands of Scotlandia. Often beautiful, often beguiling, always riveting, it is the latest magnum opus of the band’s founder and leader, violinist Christian Garrick.

He said: “The project contains trailblazing and innovative new arrangements of Gaelic folk song which breath fresh life into these great old songs: songs normally considered by folks to be somewhat staid and outdated.”

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