Budding comedian

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A FARMER’S wife and mother-of-two from the Mearns has taken up an unexpected hobby, after discovering a talent for stand-up comedy.

Liz Phillips, who lives outside Stonehaven and whose two children attend Glenbervie Primary School, discovered her talent for comedy after being talked into performing at a Red Nose Day event at the school last year.

She said: “I’ve always written humorous poems, and had some of them published in farming magazines, but would never have considered performing in public.

“But last year, as part of a ‘Red Nose’ event, the headmaster asked me if I would recite some of my poems. Despite being terrified, I thoroughly enjoyed the reaction of the audience, and the experience in general.

“At about the same time, The Mearns Leader ran a small feature about Breakneck Comedy coming to Stonehaven. I dared myself to contact them, and have since performed with them a few times in Aberdeen.

“I’ve managed to conquer the fear of being on a stage in a packed room, and thoroughly enjoy the contrast between performing in a club, and my normal daily life! We have a farm just outside of Stonehaven, and I’m usually to be found driving tractors or feeding sheep, knee deep in mud, and looking after two small children! This tends to inspire me with some unusual comedy material!

“There aren’t many tractor driving, sheep feeding, middle aged mums on the comedy circuit, but to anyone wishing to have a crack at it, (the comedy, not the tractor driving and sheep feeding!) I would wholeheartedly encourage them to contact Breakneck Comedy.

The audiences are generally well behaved and welcoming. One of the best bits about doing this, is the amazing people I’ve met. As well as encouraging local talent, Breakneck Comedy seem to attract an incredible line up of well known comedians, whether you’re performing or spectating it’s always a great, albeit, slightly scary night out!”

Liz said that her friends and family are “mystified” by her choice of hobby. She said: “My friends and family are absolutely mystified as to why I would want to be doing it!

“Whilst they are used to seeing my poems in magazines they can’t quite believe that I’ve ‘taken to the stage’! My husband is equally bemused, and thinks I should focus more of my time on the farm paperwork!”

Breakneck Comedy run a successful club in Stonehaven, with regular evenings at the Station Hotel.

The next event, which will see Liz performing, will be held at the Station Hotel on March 2, and will be headlined by Michale Redmond, better known as the hilarious Father Stone from Father Ted.

Doors will open at 8pm, and tickets can be purchased on the door, or to avoid disappointment, in advance from www.breakneckcomedy.co.uk.