Budget engagement findings released for Aberdeenshire

Communities taking responsibility for local services, paying more for services if it would prevent it being reduced or stopped, and delivering more services online are just some of the areas that have received support through Aberdeenshire Council’s budget engagement survey.

1,318 responses to the survey, which ran towards the end of 2015, were received. The aim was to seek the views of Aberdeenshire communities and employees around budget proposals set out at the full council meeting held in November 2015.

The survey was promoted through local and regional press, and online through social media. It asked a range of questions from council tax, to charging for services, generating income through selling advertising on vehicles and developing renewable energy projects. It also gave people the opportunity to give their ideas and suggestions for how savings could be made by the council.

Co-Leader Cllr Martin Kitts-Hayes said: “As local authority funding becomes ever tighter, we will explore all sorts of ways to reduce our overheads and deliver our services for less. An important part of the process is to be aware of the views of residents and staff and build that into our thinking. The responses to the survey play a helpful part in informing the decisions that will be taken on 11th February.”

The survey results will help to inform the Aberdeenshire Council budget setting for 2016/17 which councillors will discuss next week.