Bus cuts put mill at risk

The Chairperson of the Mill of Benholm Trust has said that the recent cutting of Stonehaven to Montrose Stagecoach bus services could have “serious consequences” for the Mill.

Ian Hunter said that nearly all of their trainees arrive by bus and they may not be able to continue coming to the Johnshaven mill because of the transport issue.

Stagecoach cut many of their coastal route service 107 buses from Stonehaven to Montrose at the end of August meaning the other Stagecoach buses travelling between Stonehaven and Montrose only stop at the road end of the smaller coastal villages, such as Johnshaven.

Earlier this week, Mr Hunter, Chairperson of MOB Trust said when speaking about their trainees: “We know how much they enjoy being at the Mill and if they can’t get here, their lives will certainly be less enjoyable and for some of them, it will be devastating.

“The very existence of the Mill as a beautifully maintained community facility will also be under threat because the income the Mill receives from the training pays for its upkeep.

“The Mill is a successful business at the moment and the trust have plans to make it even better, but these bus service cuts could affect its very survival.”

Mr Hunter is asking people to help them fight for a decent bus service for people without cars, for the environment and for businesses like the Mill of Benholm.

When the timetable changed and the Leader told Stagecoach we had heard numerous complaints, a spokeswoman for Stagecoach Bluebird said: “Route 107 has been revised to better match demand in this area. A few daytime journeys have been withdrawn, however these journeys are duplicated by another service provider.

“We regularly monitor our routes and will consider these comments in our next service review.”

The Stagecoach representative also said that the journeys which have been withdrawn from the 107 Stagecoach timetable are duplicated by the 113 service provided by MW Nicoll, a Laurencekirk-based bus firm.

This service runs from Stonehaven Barclay Street, to Kinneff roadside, Inverbervie Market Square, Gourdon William Street, Johnshaven The Square, St Cyrus Station Road, Montrose High Street, and Montrose Western Road.

The bus service is likely to be one of the discussed topics at the Mill of Benholm AGM at Johnshaven Village Hall on Monday 17 September at 7.30pm.