Stoney firm leads the way

SOLLA logo.
SOLLA logo.

A Stonehaven-based independent financial adviser recently became an Associate of the Society for Later Life Advisers (SOLLA).

A not-for-profit organisation founded to meet the needs of consumers and advisers, SMCG are the only firm north of Edinburgh with an adviser of Associate Member status.

Tony McGarrity, director, said this week: ‘‘We are promoting and raising awareness among clients, their families and other professional advisers that SMCG Wealth ensures that people are better informed about the unique financial issues they face in later life.

‘‘We are working towards further specialist accreditation in advising the elderly client and we follow a strict code of conduct to ensure our clients achieve the best outcome.

‘‘While annual Financial Planning Week recently ended, we offer free initial meetings and truly independent financial advice all year round.

‘‘We deliver cost effective, tax efficient, intelligent solutions and every day we make a difference to individuals and families from all walks of life.

‘‘From financial planning, insurance protection and investment management, unlike other advisers our advice is open to everyone regardless of their income or assets.’