Busy season for caravan park

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Stonehaven Town Partnership has expressed their gratitude towards the Queen Elizabeth Caravan Park’s Warden and Assistant Warden who they say have carried out a “tremendous” job in managing the site this season.

Warden Ken MacCallum and his wife Florenza MacCallum worked together as Warden and Assistant Warden to ensure the running of the caravan park went smoothly, despite being faced with a difficult summer and the constant potential of many changes taking place at the park in the coming months.

Chair of Stonehaven Town Partnership Douglas Samways said despite it being a dreadful summer, the caravan park remained busy with visitors and Mr MacCallum described this season as even better than last season in terms of visitor numbers.

Mr Samways said: “Mr and Mrs MacCallum have done a great job and this is reflected in the numerous letters of thanks that are on display in the office. I thought it may have been quieter because of the weather, with the decrease in static caravans and the lack of marketing but Mr MacCallum has informed me that this season was certainly busier than last and that’s great to hear.

“The number of static caravans decreased but this meant there was more space for touring vans which has been taken advantage of, and there’s been an increase in camping with a variety of different sized groups pitching up tents. Having an increase in touring vans is great news for tourism in the town.”

The park will reach the end of its season this week and it will be handed over to The Caravan Club, who will carry out a £1.75 million revamp on the site before re-opening for the tourism season 2013.

The Caravan Club will lease the site from Stonehaven Town Partnership from Friday 29 September and it’s hoped work will quickly commence on the million pound revamp.