Call for end to Council Tax Freeze

The CoSLA Convention, with representatives from 28 of Scotland’s 32 local authorities, met last Friday and made a call for an immediate end to the Council Tax freeze.

Councillors from across the political spectrum who attended the Convention, agreed that this call be included in CoSLA’s submission to the Commission on Local Tax Reform. Councillor Alison Evison was one of those who attended.

The CoSLA recommendation is based on the idea that a modernised Council Tax must be developed in Scotland. A Council Tax set locally and linked with democratic accountability, would allow residents to decide on levels of taxation in relation to the services they want.

Alison Evison commented: “The unity shown on this issue by councillors from all political groups is a major development in the debate about how we fund local services.”

“On Friday there was a call for any decision relating to levels of council tax to be made by individual councils.

“This would allow residents and communities themselves to decide on the right balance between local taxation and the delivery of services for their own area.”