Cape Wrath Marathon Challenge

On Saturday May 19, five members of the Lathallan School staff ran the Cape Wrath Marathon as a relay team. Joe Weir, Claire Smyth, Lisa Singleton, Kirsten Colquhoun and Emily Hartwell finished in third place!

Staff member Barry Copeland ran the full marathon himself and finished fourth in the individual standings. This awesome race is run annually near Durness in Sutherland, in a remote, uninhabited, hilly, wild and wonderful landscape on the northwest tip of the Scottish mainland and includes over 2,400 feet of ascent.

Each member ran distances from 4.2 miles to 6.8 miles. They have trained hard to get into shape for the Challenge – its fearsome reputation precedes it. For further details about the event go to Any money raised at this event will go toward the LEPRA charity that deals with children and adults suffering from leprosy, HIV, TB and HIV.

The Koraput Referral Centre in a remote and undeveloped area in the state of Orissa in eastern India needs help. It is run by the charity LEPRA and its work is dedicated to Ann, Niamh and Ciara Copeland (Barry’s wife and young children), whose lives were brought to a premature and sudden end on January 9 2008 in a car crash non the A92.

This remarkable hospital treats allcomers suffering from Leprosy, HIV, TB, HIV related infections and other serious illnesses for free, no matter how long it takes. No one is turned away. The hospital offers diagnosis, treatment, full residential care, physiotherapy, reconstructive surgery, counselling and outreach services. Just as importantly it offers a place of refuge, hope and dignity. Incredibly all this is done for just over £17,000 a year! Barry’s aim, with the help of his friends, is to fund as much of that as he can each year.

Richard Toley, Headmaster, said: “Even after six previous visits Barry still treats the race with the utmost respect. He defended his Male Super Vet title yet again! The team has done extremely well in this difficult challenge.”