Carronhill School vandalised

The Mearns Leader was sent this picture of the damage
The Mearns Leader was sent this picture of the damage

A Stonehaven school had their outdoor learning area vandalised twice in the space of three days.

Carronhill School which caters for children with learning difficulties had the frame of a greenhouse vandalised.

Depute Head Teach Stephen Reid got in touch with the Mearns Leader this week telling us how he found the pieces of the wooden frame/

The pupils, with help from the staff had constructed the wooden frame in preparation for building a plastic bottle greenhouse. On Friday last week DHT Mr Reid found the wooden frame partly destroyed.

When he returned to work after the weekend he had found more evidence that the wooden frame had been vandalised.

He said: “When I came in this morning there were more bits of wood that had been torn off and strewn about our playground. It would appear that Thursday night and Sunday night individuals have come in to our outdoor learning area and used our frame to amuse themselves.

“Although a few members of staff queried whether or not the damage on Thursday night/ Friday may have been due to the wind the broken pieces of wood were snapped and collected together at the base of the frame. If it had been wind I would not have expected to have found the pieces broken in twos or threes and the wind wasn’t that bad over the weekend to dislodge more pieces and move them upward of 30 feet from the frame.”

The school is unsure whether to fix the damage if it will continue to be vandalised.