Cash boost for Johnshaven Hall

Johnshaven village hall
Johnshaven village hall

Johnshaven Village Hall have announced an award of £24,010 from the Tullo and Twinshiels Wind Farms Community Fund.

This provides the committee with the means to carry out some essential work to the hall which should be completed by the end of the year. It is a huge boost to the hall and should ensure that its doors are kept firmly open for the community it serves.

The planned works to the hall will in no way interfere with a number of exciting events coming to the venue in May and June.

The award winning Welsh theatre production, “Hiraeth”, plays the village hall on Saturday May 9. With live music and Welsh cakes, the show explores the decline of Welsh tradition and identity through the story of one woman’s struggle to escape and let go. It promises to be a great night with a Welsh Ceilidh (Twmpath) after the show finishes. Lyn Gardiner of The Guardian saod of the show: “It’s a show of real charm on a universal theme that explores the things that hold us together but sometimes also tear us apart”.

On Friday June 12, the truly brilliant Budapest Café Orchestra takes to the hall stage.

Led by jazz violin superstar Christian Garrick, the Budapest Café Orchestra plays Balkan, Jewish and Russian traditional gypsy and folk music. “The finest purveyors of Balkan music this side of a Lada scrapheap.” Anyone interested in reserving tickets or finding out more about either event should call 01561 361956. Bring your own bottle to both events!

A very special exhibition is planned for the end of June.

“Johnshaven Then and Now Revisited”, will take place over three days from June 26 to 28.

Following up an incredibly successful event back in 2013, this historical exhibition will be based around information boards featuring a treasure trove of old photographs of the village and its residents. There will also be some archive film including “The Last Train Between Montrose and Inverbervie” amongst others, and the launch of a new book on the history of businesses in Johnshaven.

The information boards are presently stored in a number of houses in Johnshaven but will soon be re-homed so the exhibition will allow people another chance to see these excellent records of our local heritage before they are put into safe storage.

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