Catterline School helps build village boat

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Mrs Martin’s P6/7 class from Catterline Primary School visited the Catterline Community Rowing Boat Project.

After an introduction to the project, they were put to work on the half built boat. For many it was the first time that they had used traditional wood working tools such as planes and spokeshaves.

Boat builders Chris Anstock, Gary Donaldson and Rob Plummer were at hand to help them learn the new skills.

They worked with great enthusiasm and effort on the four oars, shaping the oar blades, and the fitting of the third plank to the stems. Those waiting for a plane to come available, helped sand the planks that are already in place.

The boat is part of an initiative in Scotland to get coastal communities rowing. Many communities have responded like Catterline to buy the kit and build a rowing boat for four people.

Over 20 people have helped so far on the Catterline boat. Nationwide 25 boats are on the water and another 25 are in build with the Catterline boat being the first on the Mearns coast.

There will be several regattas around the coast of Scotland for these boats this summer.

To follow the Catterline project and for more information go to: