Chair looks back on a busy year

MEARNS Community Council chairman David Nelson reflected on a busy year when he spoke to the AGM on Monday. Mr Nelson said that a number of things had been achieved, but sadly a lot more remained to be done.

The chairman said: “Significant things have happened. The new Dickson Hall is up and running and the first 12 recipients have received money from the Tullo Windfarm Fund.

“We spent a lot of time and energy on the local development plan and it has now gone to the Scottish Government and the railway station has exceeded all expectations in terms of its use.

“A lot of things are no nearer being addressed such as repair of our roads and the lack of toilet facilities in Laurencekirk.

“There is an inability to get things done quickly. It is frustrating that we repeatedly write letters and nothing gets done.

“A walk around Laurencekirk with the area manager highlighted many issues, but we are still waiting for some action.

“If it was not for us fulfilling our obligations as volunteers, how would anything ever get done?

“Members of this council have been very busy filling a variety of roles and giving of their time.

“I am sure we will continue to show the level of commitment and activity required to properly represent the community.

“Aberdeenshire Council are cutting funding support and the community will have to take on more and more. We need to represent the views and aspirations of a diverse community.”