Chapelton of Elsick development set to take step forward

PLANS to develop Scotland’s largest new settlement in a generation is set to come a step closer today (Thursday) as Aberdeenshire Council is expected to formally adopt the local development plan.

The development of more than 4,000 homes at Elsick, near Newtonhill is laid out in the local development plan which is being discussed by Aberdeenshire Council at their full Council meeting today (Thursday April 25).

The discussion of the full local authority follows consultation of the separate area committees into the reporters reccomendations.

Kincardine and Mearns Area committee discussed the local development plan for the area at their Area committee on Tuesday March 20. Councillors sitting on the committee supported the reporters reccomendations, particuarly the reporters support of the creation of the £1billion Chapelton of Elsick.

There was some discussion of the reporters decision to not recommend a large supermarket in Stonehaven without a larger urban development, on the whole, however, Councillors were pleased with the reporters plans for the development of the Kincardine and Mearns Area.

The findings from the various area committees will be discussed at the full Coucil meeting today, Councillors are asked to agree the reccomendations of the reporter with a few minor changes

The report explains that before it can adopt the Local Development Plan the Council must advertise this intention. The plan must be published, lodged in libraries and in an office of the Planning Authority, and placed on the internet.

Documents relating to the local plan must then be sent to Ministers who have 28 days to direct the Council to change the plan.

If such a direction is made the Council cannot adopt the plan until Scottish Ministers are satisfied that the modifications necessary to conform with the direction have been made.

Scottish Ministers can also direct that they adopt the plan.

Should Scottish Ministers make no such direction, and there is no other legal

impediment to the adoption of the plan Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2012 can be formally adopted and replace the existing Aberdeenshire Local Plan 2006.

The adoption of the 2012 local development plan will pave the way for the building of Chapelton of Elsick. It is believed that work could begin on the development, which has the potential to create more then 8,000 jobs, could begin as aearly as next year.